Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hypoallergenic dog food

Hypoallergenic dog food is a type of food diet that is used to help combat allergies on dogs. These allergies are caused by various types of foods or ingredients present in dog foods. Most dogs that suffer from these food allergies experiences various symptoms. This is because several commercial food products or dog meat contain some chemicals, dyes, preservatives or even flavorings that are known to be harmful to their health. Some of these allergies include gastrointestinal problems and dog skin irritation. However there are symptoms that can help identify a dog that is suffering from dog food allergies.
Hypoallergenic dog food
Dog food allergies symptoms

These allergies have been known to be different depending on the subject dog. It is always a task identifying a dog suffering from these food allergies instead the symptoms can be identified by the indications of other various ailments that include the dog scratching of dogs, diarrhea, dog’s hair loss, constant infections of the ears, chronic vomiting and flaky itchy skin around the face, feet, ears or groins. It is important to take your dog to the vet immediately these symptoms are noticed.
However, most dog food manufacturing companies have come up with Hypoallergenic dog food as means to subsiding and completely eliminating these dog food allergies. 
Hypoallergenic dog food have been known to be the best type of dog food because they are likely to cause minimal dog intestinal problems in addition to skin allergies. It is advisable to turn from the normal food brand to this kind of food for those dogs’ diagnoses with food allergies in order to help improve their health. Finding the best type of Hypoallergenic dog food for an individual dog involves a trial error process. This process is used to identify the type of allergies that the dog has or the type of food remedies that causes the allergies for the dog after which these items can be eliminated one after the other.

Reasons for Hypoallergenic dog foods    

These types of foods can reduce or completely eliminate dog allergies thereby reducing the chances of various dog ailments. This can greatly improve the health of the dog keeping them at them peak of their game. Foods without common allergies are the best type for most dogs including those that do not actively have dog food allergies. Therefore they are best for dogs’ health maintenance and improvement.

These types of foods have fewer remedies in them, mainly consisting of high quality ingredients like venison, rice, oats and bison. They do not contain fillers hence dogs are able to digest them with ease. In addition, they contain the right quality of carbohydrates and proteins in the right quantity. This helps promote the dogs’ growth and energy.

Some of the best Hypoallergenic dog food brands

Ones a dog has been identified to be suffering from a given allergy, it is advisable to look for the best type of Hypoallergenic dog food. These dog foods can be found in most vet stores locally, in pet shops or even online. And there are various brands to choose from. Some of the best brands on market that are tested and certified include;

The Acana Hypoallergenic dog food.

They are dog food without the common allergic wheat. They are manufactured by Champion pet food company located in Canada. The brand contains various varieties for every individual dog. Most people like these brands since it contains no preservatives that are made artificially.

The Avodern Hypoallergenic dog food

This is a popular product from Breeders Choice pet food company. It consists of mainly natural ingredients like avocados in addition to major minerals, vitamins, essential oils and trace elements that have been proven to be safe to both the dog’s kin and stomach. This is because most dogs react safely with these brands. This brand can definitely reduce or completely eliminate dog’s allergies thereby improving the dog’s health.

The Pinnacle Hypoallergenic dog food

These types of brands have been proven to be allergens free. This is because most of them are manufactured using probiotics in addition to some essential natural minerals. They are also available in several different flavors suitable for individual dog preferences. It is highly recommended by most analysts and pet professionals.

The Oriien Hypoallergenic dog food

It is a type of Hypoallergenic dog food that is safe for most dogs. It is manufactured by the Champion pet company. In addition, it is has also clinically recommended to be the best type of dog food for dogs skin and hair growth. It is popular and readily available in most online and local pet stores.

Most of dog allergy cases have been known to be caused by food. It is therefore important to feed your dog with Hypoallergenic foods as the best means to combat these allergies in order to improve their health.